Storage Units

Ideal Self Storage Units, For Domestic & commercial

Unique drive-up, load and unload self-storage units. Average unit heights of between 8ft and 10ft, allowing for increased storage volume. Sizes available are:

384 cu ft

6ft x 8ft – perfect for ad hoc storage of seasonal items

500 cu ft

5ft x 10ft – Suitable for 1 bed flat**

Ideal for office archives, boxes, small furniture, appliances & more

612 cu ft

8ft x 8ft – suitable for a 1-2 bedroom flat

Great for start up businesses, medium household furniture, lawnmowers and garden equipment.

640 cu ft

640 cu ft

8ft x 10ft – Suitable for a 2 bedroom flat**

Ideal for storing small business stock, will hold the contents of a Luton van.

1000 cu ft

10ft x 10ft – Suitable for 2-3 bed flat**

Ideal for company storage, large boxes, large furniture and motorcycles.

1,280 cu ft

8ft x 20ft – Suitable for 4-5 bed house**

Ideal for household contents, large furniture, boat, business stock storage etc.

2,560 cu ft

8ft x 40ft – suitable for large commercial storage, similar in size to a double length garage.

** Dimensions are approximate. Unit roof slopes to allow rain run-off. Storage examples are for reference only.

Prices exclude VAT at standard rate. Minimum term 1 month. 1 month deposit required, fully refundable. 1 month rental payment in advance. Subject to terms and conditions. Phone for more details.